Child Pornography is Illegal!

If you’re looking for child porn (cp, pics or vids of underage girls or boys, nude or sexually suggestive)….

…do yourself a big favor:  STOP.  Otherwise, you are putting yourself at great risk.  Possession of child pornography is a  felony in every U.S. state, and a federal crime as well.  Even as a first-time offender, you could be sentenced to a year or more in jail.  Your name, address, and photo will be listed on federal and state Sex Offender Registries for 10 years or more.

And by the way, the media live for this stuff (what would the newspapers, TV, and the internet have done this year without Jerry Sandusky?).  Try to imagine how you and your family will cope with this pending public humiliation.

If you are caught (and the police, FBI, Homeland Security, companies, college campuses, coffee shops, and your liability-fearing internet providers are getting better at this every day), don’t expect to get off with some lame excuse, such as “I just stumbled  across it”, or “It must be OK since it’s all over the net”.  They’ve heard them all.

Consider this: you will be treated like a child molester, potential or otherwise.  You don’t believe it?  That’s not fair?  Why?  Here’s why: research shows that 1 of 3 convicted for possession of child pornography are also guilty of child molestation.  Good luck convincing the prosecutor and judge that you’re any different.

So maybe if you’ve read this far, I have succeeded in scaring you a bit, or hopefully a lot.  That’s probably not enough – tomorrow or next week you may go back to downloading child porn again.  Maybe you’ve already “quit” a few times, only to give in again.  Sound like an addiction?  It is.  Most alcoholics or drug addicts are smart (or desperate) enough to get help before their habit irreversibly ruins their lives.  Getting caught for possessing child porn will ruin your life.  What help is there for child porn addiction?

And let’s be clear: installing software that promises to permanently delete those illegal pics and vids from your hard drive is not a solution to your problem.  Nor is saving them only to an external drive that you hide under your mattress.  If anything, these pitiful efforts mean your problem is more serious than you realize; they may buy you time before getting arrested, but will only submerge you deeper into your addiction.

So below are my suggestions.  I’m not a psychologist, counselor, or therapist – their advice would be to start by consulting one of them.  This is excellent advice, but I have tried to be more realistic.  Unless you are caught, it’s seems unlikely you will jump up and confess to family (or boss) that you are addicted to child porn, and start calling around for professional help (at $100 or more per hour).

First:  do some serious reading: BurkeMcCarthy, and Justice.  Try to understand why psychologist Dr. Dombeck says that “child porn is rape porn”.  Accept the harsh reality that society considers your behavior to be “deviant” and “immoral”, even though you don’t think so.  Believe me, it doesn’t matter what you think.

Second:  Don’t be depressed.  There is hope for you.  There is a bright future.  You haven’t been caught…yet.  You can quit.  You can satisfy your sexual needs without child porn.

Third:  Figure out what things facilitate your addiction, and drastically change them.  Get rid of your computer – who needs it anyway if you have a smart phone.  Cancel your home internet service – it’s more fun (and cheaper) to work on your laptop at the coffee shop anyway, right?  Move your computer from that private nook to your family room.   Or at work, move it to public area or a cubicle with others around.  Halfway measures won’t do.

Fourth:  Motivate yourself.  Remind yourself everyday that you are just one cyber snoop or slip-up away from being caught and having your cozy little life shredded to hell.  Think about having “convicted felon” follow you the rest of your life…or being imprisoned for life.  Think about being sued for millions of dollars.  Think about never being trusted around a child again.  There is simply too much to lose.